4 Benefits of Composite Bonding

First, let’s talk about what Composite Bonding means and how it can help make your smile better.

What is Composite Bonding? 

Composite bonding is simply a method used by dentists to restore or cosmetically enhance teeth. It serves as a cosmetic treatment to improve your smile and to build the tooth structure to hide any imperfections, or simply improve the size, shape, and position of teeth. This procedure involves the use of a tooth coloured resin material that mimics the natural tooth. The dentist uses this to reshape the existing tooth and to improve its overall appearance.

This is a possible treatment for anyone who wishes to have a cosmetic improvement. It can help perfect even the smallest imperfections in your teeth.

Importance of Composite Bonding

If you are wondering why this treatment is recommended by your dentist, then here’s why.

Bonding is not a necessary treatment – but it is good for cosmetic reasons. It does not require the removal or cutting down of the natural tooth but instead helps cover over the underlying structure, therefore improving its appearance.

Intact Dental Structure with Composite Bonding

This treatment is great when we do not want to remove the tooth structure. We add the bonding resin directly on top of the tooth to correct any imperfection. On average, the restorations last for up to 5 years. After that, they may need re-polishing or repairs/replacement.

If you are wondering whether the treatment hurts, there is no need to worry. It is a painless procedure.

·         No anaesthesia/needles needed

·         No drilling involved

Composite Bonding after Orthodontic Treatment

Unfortunately, not all of us are born with perfectly straight teeth. When the teeth are in the wrong position, they wear in different areas. After orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign, the teeth become straight, the wear-and-tear sometimes becomes more prominent. Composite Bonding helps build up the teeth once the braces are off. This enables us to give you the perfect teeth and smile makeover once the teeth are in the correct position. It’s that finishing touch which can make all the difference!

Discoloured and Damaged Teeth 

Some people have white or brown marks on their teeth. This treatment allows us to remove the blemish without using anaesthetic if it is shallow. We can restore the teeth and make them look perfect and natural.

Benefits of Composite Bonding

Here are a few reasons why composite bonding is better for most patients:

1 – Healthier and confident smile

This treatment can make your smile aesthetically more appealing

2 – Safe and fast treatment

This treatment is generally done in one or two visits with instant results

3 – No needles involved 

There is no need to worry about injections. In most cases, we do not need to use needles for composite bonding.

4 – Less expensive

Composite bonding is a very affordable alternative to some other treatments available. Although it does require upkeep and this should always be thought about.

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