April Update

Hi all!

As I write my first blog for the new website with the sun beaming down on this lovely part of the world, it certainly feels strange to think of the situation we find ourselves in.

I hope you are all keeping well in these strange times and staying home as much as possible. I for one, am extremely bored of not fixing teeth and cannot wait to get back to normality – there is only so much DIY one can do before causing more damage than good…or suffering from a horrendously painful injury (hammer on the finger!!!).

As I am sure you are aware, all dental practices are unable to see patients at this current time, but I would like to stress to you all that we remain available over the phone/remotely for advice and antibiotics if required. Speaking to our loyal patients has been a welcomed part of my day, so I do apologise if i blab on when you call! Rest assured, we will be re-opening our doors as soon as we are allowed, with extended opening hours to play catch up with the time we have missed to ensure we fit everyone in.

Our new website will play host to regular blogs that will hopefully offer useful information to all, ranging from basic tips and tricks to keep your mouth as healthy as possible, special offers, and also general practice information. We hope keep everyone in the loop with whats going on at The Burley Dental Suite, so please do keep regularly checking out the website blog area.

We have been keeping track of all cancelled and moved appointments, as well as the emergencies that have been occurring since we have been closed. Once this madness has blown over we will endeavour to re-arrange every single appointment that was affected, but if you feel you have been missed out please give us a call/email and we can sort this easily for you.

Until next time, stay safe and any problems let us know!

Nik and the team @Burley Dental Suite

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