Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign has close to 10 million smile transformations using their technology and The Burley Dental Suite are proud partners, enabling our cosmetic dentists to straighten teeth with the best results in Ilkley. 

Many people have questions about opting for Invisalign treatment. It is a versatile treatment, which helps straighten the teeth. We align the teeth to achieve a perfect smile and also improve the bite and prevent gum disease. It was the first treatment that came after traditional braces. Many people who have had braces in recent years have chosen Invisalign because these are clear, comfortable, and fit a modern lifestyle. 

Here with some benefits of Invisalign based on the results seen in some patients who opted for it.

1.     Straighten Your Teeth without Letting People Notice 

If you never thought it was possible to get dental treatment in the form of straightening your teeth without people noticing, think again. Invisalign treatment has come as a relief to people looking for braces to complement their lifestyle by eliminating any sign of actually having braces. These clear aligners (invisalign) are not fixed on the teeth permanently, they are removable. In addition to this, they are clear and almost undetectable; you can smile with confidence while having Invisalign braces on. No more wearing braces that give the train track look! This is one of the biggest benefits of Invisalign.

2.     No Need to Give Up Favourite Foods

Everyone has a favorite curry/pasta dish right?! When one wears fixed braces, eating such foods can be a big hassle. There are risks of the braces becoming very stained with the food colouring. With Invisalign treatment, there is no such worry. The aligners are easy to remove, so you can take them off whenever you want to spoil yourself with favourite foods, just don’t forget your oral health care regime! The Invisalign aligners are easy to clean as well, so you can softly wash them and put them back in.

3.     Seeing Your Future Smile 

At our dental practice in Ilkley, all Invisalign consultations and/or treatment plans come with an amazing 3D imaging service, which scans your teeth and makes a plan for each tooth. It will show you a preview of how your teeth will move in the future. This way, you can get an idea of how amazing your smile will be. 

4.     Enjoy Special Events without Braces

Because Invisalign is removable, you can take them off at any time. If you are going to a special event, a photo-shoot, or an interview, you can take them off and wear them later, although we recommend wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day, so you don’t have long..!

5.     Keep Your Mouth Healthy During Treatment

In the past, wearing metal braces that you cannot take off led to inevitable poor dental hygiene; this meant cavities, plaque, and chipped teeth. Now, with Invisalign, you can maintain proper dental hygiene throughout your orthodontic treatment. These wireless fixtures allow you to brush properly. You can remove the Invisalign and clean the teeth very well, and even clean the Invisalign clear aligners.

There you go! The benefits of choosing Invisalign treatment. Book your dental appointment today and start transforming your smile without anyone noticing. 

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