Get Your Wedding Day Smile

Your special day is coming closer and very fast approaching. There are so many things to think about – like wedding invitations, suits, and dresses, planning the sitting arrangements, rehearsals, stag and hen parties to plan and attend, the menu, etc. What about your wedding day smile?

We at the Burley Dental Suite are here to help make your smile amazing and picture-perfect. We offer a range of treatments to make sure you look your best on your special day. The sooner you start the better, and the higher the chances of you having a perfect smile on your wedding day.

How to Have a Great Wedding Day Smile

We have a list of five ways you can have a perfect smile on your big day.

Teeth Whitening and Dental Cleaning

Having a routine dental clean just before the wedding day is a great idea. It removes dental plaque and stains so that your teeth look brighter. We can also whiten your teeth for you so you have an amazing and more attractive wedding day smile.

Composite Bonding To Repair Defects

Do you have discoloured, chipped, or broken fillings? We can help repair minor structural damages in a single visit. We apply a composite resin material to fix the problems and polish your teeth to make them look whiter and naturally perfect. Moreover, we use resin material that matches the colour of your natural teeth. Sculpting the shape of your teeth allows us to give them a natural look.

Advanced Enhancements

No matter what ways your teeth seem flawed, we have different dental solutions that can transform your smile for your big day. For instance, using a porcelain veneer can cover your teeth’s visible surface to hide the stains, chips, and slight gaps. We can also help fix any missing teeth with dental implants or a bridge.

Plastic Gum Surgery

Without healthy and strong gums, you may not succeed in achieving a super smile. We can help you with periodontal plastic surgery to reshape the gums and correct the defects using other techniques.


Orthodontic methods like invisalign and other teeth straightening solutions help align your teeth. This can be a lengthy process depending on how badly misaligned your teeth are. We urge you to visit your dentist at least 9 months or a year before the special day if possible. We can also help with faster treatment plans which straighten teeth within six months, depending on your dental condition and health of the gums.

Consult Your Dentist

Your dentist can tell you an array of options that will work for you. However, this will require a consultation. We are more than happy to help you with a personalised treatment plan. The sooner you book your dental appointment and start your treatment, the better. 

If you want an attractive and brighter wedding day smile, schedule an appointment today. Learn more about the different treatments. If you have dental treatment anxiety then do not worry because we have you covered. In some cases, we offer anaesthesia to help you get through the process without any recollections of the treatment.

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