Jaw Pain Treatment

Treatment of jaw pain and grinding/clenching habits

Grinding and clenching habits are very common, especially during the night. This can cause severe pain in the jaw joint and regular headaches. At the burley dental suite we treat a range of conditions affecting the jaw.

What happens at your appointment?

At your assessment appointment we will assess your articulatory system. This involves a full examination of your jaw, face muscles and the way your teeth meet together. Once a diagnosis has been made then treatment will be tailored to this. Most patients with jaw pain would benefit from a stabilisation splint.

What is a stabilisation splint?

These are a specialist splint that only a few practitioners know how to make. They are an acrylic bite guard that positions your jaw in such a way, your jaw and muscles relax. This is turn reduced jaw pain and headaches associated with grinding and clenching. It requires follow up appointments 3 months after the fitting of this. Below is a patients review of her stabilisation splint.

‘ Having the splint fitted is one of the best decisions I’ve made- I didn’t realise the difference would be so big, and so instant. It’s actually amazing, and my whole face feels so much better and more relaxed. I’m no longer constantly trying to find a comfortable bite position, or worrying about grinding my teeth away. It’s like having Ugg boots for my teeth. Thank you so much.’