Emergency Appointments

We are here for you with our emergency appointments. If you need an emergency dental appointment in Ilkley the Burley Dental Suite will prioritise you. If you are in pain and need an emergency dental consultation, contact us right away.

What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

The general rule is “if it hurts, it’s a dental emergency”. You should let your local dentist look at the problem to try and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Most people ignore the symptoms until the pain becomes unbearable. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry and see your dentist at the earliest convenience.  

Common dental emergencies include:

1. Knocked-out Tooth – After an injury the sooner you get treatment the better, the chances are that your dentist can place the tooth back into place – if you visit us quick enough!

Here is how to retrieve the knocked-out tooth: 

– Pick it up by the crown, without touching its roots. 

– Rinse it in the sink. Place it in a cloth or a container to prevent the risk of it falling into the plughole of the sink. Rinse it gently. Do not scrub it or try to remove any attached tissue on the tooth. 

Try to insert it back into your mouth yourself. You may have to bite gently to secure it in place.

If you cannot put the tooth back into place, keep it in the container. You can put it in a container of milk. 

Call the dentist and head for emergency dental treatment. 

The longer you wait before seeing the dentist, the lower the chances of having the tissues of the tooth reconnect with the socket.

2. Loose Tooth – If this happens, use your finger to keep the tooth in place. Gently push it into its position – do not push too hard. You can bite down to prevent it moving and come to see us for an emergency dental appointment.

3. Cracked or Chipped Tooth – Trauma can cause problems such as a fractured or broken teeth. Sometimes, a chipped tooth doesn’t hurt, but even if the tooth isn’t causing you pain, it is still a dental emergency, and you should come to visit us as soon as practical for an emergency dental appointment…The longer a broken tooth is left, the less chance we have of saving it! 

Often broken teeth can be repaired with a composite filling or a crown. If the tooth can’t be saved, then it may require an extraction. This will ass be fully assessed at your emergency dental appointment 

Is It An Emergency?

You need to book an emergency appointment with The Burley Dental Suite if: 

  • You lose a filling
  • You have toothache
  • You have a swelling
  • You lose a veneer or crown
  • The wire on your braces are digging in, snap or cause you pain
  • You notice blood in your spit whenever you brush

Do not ignore such dental problems. Call us and book an appointment as soon as possible.


When you are having problems with your teeth, it can be frustrating to have to wait for an appointment. If you are in pain, waiting might not be an option for you.

We believe it is important that you can get the dental treatment that you need, exactly when you need it. Especially when it comes to emergency dental treatment because we know how important that can be. We aim to see emergencies during the same working day if you call in working hours. That means that, at The Burley Dental Suite, you will not have to wait for hours to get emergency appointments.


If you need to contact us out of hours, to talk to someone about your emergency and to arrange an emergency appointment, you will find a recorded message on our surgery number stating the emergency number you need to call.

Call: 01943 865 600 for emergency appointments in Ilkley