Facial Aesthetics

Facial Aesthetics at the Burley Dental Suite

A smile is only one part of the face, and here at the burley dental suite we offer a whole range of facial aesthetic treatments

What happens at your appointment?

At your initial consultation we will discuss the results you want to achieve and what treatments we offer. Rather than just considering features in isolations, we consider the face as a whole to achieve the best results. We pride ourselves on creating natural looking enhancements to patients beauty.

All the treatments we offer aim to  achieve a visibly younger, fresher appearance to the skin with fewer lines and creases. Facial aesthetics appointments typically take 15-60 minutes depending on the number of areas you would like to target.

Does it hurt?

You will be offered a topical anaesthetic to reduce potential discomfort during the procedure.

Any tenderness you may experience should be minimal and subside after a short time.

Are these products safe?

Yes. All our facial aesthetics treatments have undergone stringent testing to ensure they are safe to use. Our clinicians are extremely well trained also.

 Side effects can include redness, soreness, bruising, or swelling, but these are usually minimal and subside very quickly.

Will I notice the results immediately?

That depends on the type of treatment you choose. If you opt for dermal fillers, results are noticeable immediately and continue to develop over time.