Specialist Treatments

Specialist dental treatment is usually part of a comprehensive oral health plan, personally customised to ensure it fulfills your required oral health needs. At The Burley Dental Suite, our specialist treatments includes:

Anxiety Treatment

We can offer a range of specialist dental treatments for nervous patients who suffer from extreme anxiety when undergoing dental treatment like dental implants and other lengthy or complex dental treatments. The Burley Dental Suite provides full sedation treatment, whereby the patient does not recall the procedure afterward.

Jaw Pain Treatments

Grinding and clenching habits are very common, especially during the night. This can cause severe pain in the jaw joint and regular headaches. At the Burley Dental Suite, we treat a range of conditions affecting the jaw with specialist treatments. A personalised plan will be put together to treat your issue with the use of various treatment modalities. This is a complex and difficult area of dentistry to treat, but thankfully, at The Burley Dental Suite, we have dentists who have operated in specialist dental clinics in relation to this, and can now bring those skills back to Ilkley!

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