Dental Care During Holidays and Vacations: Some Dos and Don’ts

Holidays and vacations are the best times to seek some peace and adventure. When you are experiencing the bliss of a much-needed holiday or vacation, it is not uncommon to neglect your teeth and mouth and not stick to the dental care routine.

Whilst on your travels have you thought about the activities which may be bad for your teeth and gums? Most people do not consider this prior to traveling, which is why we have taken the time to make a list of things you should and shouldn’t do.

While you make the most of your adventure visiting places, eating out, and trying new cuisines, you will loosen up on your dental care rituals. You will floss less, eat sugary things more than you usually do, and may even go to bed without brushing! Heed the following mistakes that are avoidable:

1.     Don’t graze on sugary snacks, sweets, and chocolate

It is true – Holidays and vacations are a chance to indulge in treats. You will not get the chance to feel guilty about this so let us do the honors. Remember the side effects of eating huge amounts of sugary and acidic foods. It affects the outer layer of your teeth for several hours.

DO: Brush and floss each night before bed, and if possible after every meal. Do use the right brush and toothpaste and brush gently.

2.     Don’t use your teeth to rip Sellotape

We all end up using our teeth to rip Sellotape off while packing or unpacking gifts. We recommend keeping scissors with you because using your teeth for this sort of thing can harm them. It can cause cracks and even break crowns/composite. 

Do: Keep scissors with you to prevent using your teeth when cutting Sellotape.

3.     Don’t let your teeth stain

Vacation or holidays are a time when people want to look their best, take lots of photos and create perfect memories.

Avoid eating coloured foods and engaging in smoking or drinking beverages that can stain your teeth to let your teeth look as white as possible.

Do: You may want to consider booking a dental care appointment with the best dental practice near you before your holidays begin. Besides, you want to look and feel awesome by the time you are back home from your vacation. 

4.     Don’t forget to brush 

We know you must be excited and a lot will be happening on your holiday trip. However, you cannot forget to brush before bedtime. The chocolate delights and sweets you take will lead to cavities if you ignore the importance of your dental care. After eating treats at night, or when you doze off during the day, the bacteria will simply just sit and rest on your teeth, leading to the possibility of new cavities forming.

Do: Put a reminder to brush every night and make sure you brush after every meal.

5.     Be firm about your flossing routine

With so much to eat, your teeth will suffer wear and tear. You need to floss after eating all the lovely food and goodies. Make it a ritual to floss every night before brushing and hitting the sack.

Do: Fix a reminder to floss and tell your partner to join you in this daily ritual before going to bed. Look out for your kids as well! 

There you have it, a great checklist to help maintain your dental care whilst enjoying your future holidays and long term vacation, but most importantly…Have fun!

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