Handing Over The Reins

It’s a New Year, New Decade, New Era for The Burley Dental Suite and we’re feeling good vibes only! 

The Burley Dental suite has undergone some changes in 2019. The most significant change was that last July when Chris and Sam decided to hand over the reins of ownership of the Practice to Dr Nik Stoy, who has been an associate at the practice for a number of years.
Before anyone goes into a blind panic…Chris is staying on as an associate dentist and will most likely be staying on until retirement ( that’s a really long time away!)

Not only has the transfer of ownership given Nik a few more grey hairs to his already respectable collection, he also requires congratulations for passing his exams and becoming a fully fledged member of the Royal College of Surgeons. Also, if you think that’s not enough he also became the proud dad of a cocker poo puppy and has also signed up to undertake a Masters degree in Dental Implantology, that he hopes to complete this year. Is there no stopping this Dentist?  

Chris on the other hand now has a bit more time on his hands and looks more relaxed and youthful as ever, even the bald spot on the top of his head has diminished! He does now however admit to it being difficult to be 24 for the last 28 years! He is still as busy as ever creating amazing smiles and enjoying what he does best. Some wonder if he will ever become long in the tooth, but now that he doesn’t have to pay the bills it’s highly unlikely!

2020 is going to see The Burley Dental Suite get a small revamp and a new website. We have welcomed a fresh friendly face also to our team and reception, Ms Sharon Jones is the new receptionist / treatment coordinator who joined us last November.

Other than those changes its business as usual and we currently have scope to start taking on new patients again. We are still the most reasonable private / independent dental practice in West Yorkshire for all dental treatments  and pride ourselves in providing you with the highest standard of care. The  overall satisfaction you get from being one of our patients at The Burley Dental Suite is our top priority and we will do our upmost to achieve this 

Keep smiling and if you can’t I’m sure we can do something to help!

Thank you for catching up with the news from The Burley Dental Suite Team.