Ilkley Dental Practice Reopened after Covid 19 Lockdown.

After so many months of no face to face dentistry at the Burley Dental Suite, we are proud and happy to reopen for the public. We were open during the lockdown, but with caution. Our services were mostly delivered via the internet and phone calls. We also went out to deliver antibiotics to some patients with dental problems. Sadly, only a few dental practices in Ilkley were open during this time, and so we felt we needed to do the best we could to help our lovely patients, and also the people of Ilkley who were struggling to access dental care. 

It feels great to finally reconnect with patients after all this time and to see everybody in person as they return to our dental practice.

Over the past few weeks and months during the lockdown, one matter that saddens our Burley Dental Suite team, is that a lot of people have had teeth removed to alleviate pain. This was something that may have been otherwise avoidable if face to face dentistry was allowed. With frequent and timely visits, we feel we could have helped with various treatments such as fillings, decay, infections or re-cementing crowns in order to prevent the avoidable removal of teeth. The upside of our reopening is that we can now handle any problems as soon as they arise, and help our patients in the earlier stages of any issues which normally means more simple dental care. 

During the period of lockdown, we were available for online consultations and over the phone, to help patients experiencing any pain, or, on the other hand, for those who wanted to discuss cosmetic treatments

What Patients Visiting Us Need to Know

Before visiting,  our patients will need to book an appointment. Once an appointment has been made,  we will send email reminders with a few helpful points as to what will happen at the appointment. Upon arrival, patients can call or email us, and we will give them a call and run through some questions related to Covid-19.

Measures We Are Taking to Protect Everyone from Covid-19 Exposure

We are screening every patient as they come to the Burley Dental Suite. We take their temperature and ask them to disinfect their hands with a hand gel. They are not to touch anything and will follow the dental nurse straight to the surgery. We will have cleaned and disinfected everything in the room, using bleach and other antiviral agents. To ensure our clinic is as clean as possible, we have invested in antiviral foggers and filtrations, and added a host of virucidal specific cleaning products to ensure minimal risk of exposure to the Covid-19. 

Instructions for Patients Recovering from Covid-19

We ask patients who have recovered from Covid-19 to make sure they are symptom free for at least 4 weeks before they visit us.