COSMETIC BONDING / COMPOSITE BONDING – Minimally invase smile makeovers


Cosmetic bonding, or composite bonding is where white filling material is added to the existing tooth structure to enhance the smile, straighten up teeth or close gaps – all in a way that preserves the underlying tooth structure. Best of all, it is pain free and done without any need for injections!


These treatments can mask discoloured or stained teeth, give the appearance of straighter teeth, build up worn teeth or make the smile more uniform and complete if used in a smile makeover. At The Burley Dental Suite, we do not place metal/silver amalgam fillings. With the advances in the field of restorative dentistry, we can now predictably bond white fillings in place seamlessly, often completely blending into the tooth as if no filling was ever there. Composite bonding, unfortunately, cannot be applied to every single patient in the same manner. Underlying problems such as gum disease, or extreme crowding/crooked teeth and decay are needed to be rectified prior to treatment to give long lasting, predictable results.

The technique used to perform such treatments is highly operator sensitive and can require a fairly length appointment if a smile makeover is being carried out. Composite bonding / cosmetic bonding, just like natural, healthy teeth can pick up stains, especially in smokers. This is easily fixed by a ‘polishing’ appointment that brings the composite bonding back to life as if it were new. Generally these procedures are a cost effective way of producing dramatic, instant results. Below is a before and after picture of some cosmetic bonding that was carried out by April in just one appointment!

Before composite bonding
After Composite bonding

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