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International lecturers at The Burley Dental Suite!

First things first, I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. At least the sun is shining and we can enjoy the picturesque countryside that we live in!

As the title of this blog says, we now have 2 international lecturers as dentists at The Burley Dental Suite. Chris Siddons has long been teaching other dentists on the international stage about the art of composite (white fillings), dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. It is with great pleasure that I can now announce April has joined Chris on the international stage!

During lockdown, dentists have tried to keep busy by watching webinars/lectures online or by putting their manual dexterity skills to test via DIY projects – some more successfully than others! April was invited by the British Association of Implant and Restorative Dentistry to deliver a talk on parafunction (jaw problems/grinding), and how it has a role to play in the success of dental implants.

April has taken it upon herself to study intensely the area of jaw problems, known to the dentists as TMD and parafunction, so her insight into this area was extremely well received by a world wide audience. We are extremely fortunate that April can treat patients from Ilkley and its surrounding areas, here, at The Burley Dental Suite who suffer from this condition, where the majority of dentists would simply not be able to treat such problems. If left untreated, parafunction, tooth grinding and jaw problems can lead to huge amounts of tooth wear, headaches, ‘clicky’ jaw joints which can turn painful, lockjaw and many other problems.

The lecture delivered by April was so well received, she has now been asked to give another lecture to dentists in the middle east who want to learn more about this condition! 

I’ll finish off by letting myself know it is Friday night and a beer is calling! Until next time,

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